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Top master training completed

Two of Arkus’ Project Managers have recently completed the Nuix Master certification. Congratulations to Fernando Moreno and Jonathan Greenlees on completing the top-level certification for Nuix Discover.

The masters training equips people with the ways to supercharge data processing, investigation, review and disclosures through the Nuix Discover platform. This enables the team to be able to get to the heart of data with speed, scale and providing strong forensic accuracy.

James Lawson, Head of eDiscovery, said: “Congratulations to Fernando and Jonathan as this is a fantastic achievement. Completing this training is a key milestone and fantastic to see them achieving this certification within the first six months of being at Arkus. Your hard work has paid off and it is lovely to see you putting the skills you learnt into action for our clients.

“The training enhances knowledge and insight into the most complex eDiscovery matters. Critically as the levels of electronic data and evidence increases, we as professionals need to be as up to date as possible so we can help solve the most challenging and complex data problems."

As soon as a new colleague starts at Arkus, they receive the very best Nuix training straight away. Each member of our team has been hand-picked from around the world and performs to the highest level in pursuit of our common goals. By providing a secure and empowering environment, great people deliver, great work.

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