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Arkus Expert Witness Service

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During litigation or arbitration, the testimony of expert witnesses can be the difference between success or failure. Explaining the particulars of a complex data set to a judge or jury in a manner that is easy to understand and digest is key to achieving a positive outcome.


An expert witness does just this, providing expert opinions on any admissible evidence that is under scrutiny in a trial setting. An expert witness must be credible, and qualified to give a robust opinion on the matter at hand. 


At Arkus, our team of legal and eDiscovery professionals have vast experience giving expert testimony in support of high-profile civil and criminal matters. 


In matters as complex as eDiscovery, with its ever-evolving landscape and use of bespoke technologies, having the right experts opine on the evidence is crucial. 


When you engage Arkus to provide an Expert Witness Service, you can be confident in the integrity and expertise of the opinions provided. 

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Expert Witness Service

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