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Additional eDiscovery Services

A better and quicker understanding of the data involved in your legal matter.

Stringent and robust management of all aspects of the process.

A team of hand-picked experts that will tailor their approach to your needs and become an extension of your legal team.

During any litigation process or matter, instances may arise when there are too many documents and relevant pieces of information to review within a short timeframe. Managed Document Review is central to Arkus’ eDiscovery services.


Managed Document Reviews occur when an outside agent (for example, Arkus Consulting) manages a discovery project on behalf of a party or parties involved in litigation or a legal matter. 


Managed Document Review processes require experience and resources to conduct effectively. When you work with Arkus, you can draw on our team’s significant experience in these areas, and our ability to bring in experts with skills specific to the matter at hand (for example foreign language skills).


Our team has managed document review matters of all types: from small, isolated internal investigations to large, multi-party, multi-jurisdictional reviews. 


Our bespoke approach means that whether your matter is on a local or global scale, you can be sure that you’re receiving an elite service from our dedicated team of eDiscovery professionals.

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Managed Document Review

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