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We strive to provide stellar, ‘big firm’ consultancy services in a non-big firm environment, with a people-first approach at the centre of all that we do.

When we started Arkus, we looked to address a need: we felt that there is a lost art of consultancy in eDiscovery outside of the biggest firms. We like to do a job well, and so wanted to offer the very best service possible, with a laser focus on consultancy.


Due to our unique approach, we are able to establish incredibly close relationships with our clients, very quickly. We typically find ourselves being instructed on repeat projects, or working on referrals from clients we’ve worked with before.


These relationships have allowed Arkus to grow very quickly, and have enabled us to put our vision into effect.

Our values

At Arkus, our values are what drive us.

Our people are the most critical part of our success

Finding and retaining the very best people is critical to all of Arkus’ success. We take a global approach to recruitment, and seek to provide an environment where people can achieve great things in their careers.


An example of this is in the training we provide: As soon as a new colleague starts at Arkus, they get the very best Nuix training straight away. This approach differs from many of our competitors, and ensures that everyone in our team is an expert in the processes and services we provide for our clients. 


Our values

Arkus is a value-led company. Our values are the fundamental beliefs which our team holds, and we like to work with clients who respect these values and align with them. Discover more about what drives us here.


Empowering every person to use their unique talents to do great work


Working with people in a truly consultative way


Do great work and solve problems by being resourceful and innovative


Work like everyone's watching to help build the best possible Arkus


Taking proactive care of everything we do

Societal impact

Choosing the right path to leave a better world

Be kind

Whoever we’re dealing with, we’re kind in our approach and never assume ill-intent from another party

What’s next for Arkus?

We already have a global footprint, with clients in the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. 


We want to capitalise on this presence and increase it as we continue to grow. We believe that adherence to our values is the key to achieving this. 


Our vision is to be a global leader solving data challenges, with the world’s foremost team of digital and legal experts at our core. 


This is an exciting time to be associated with Arkus Consulting. Why not join us on our journey?

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