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Quality Statement

Arkus is a world leader. We are not the rising star, the go-to boutique, an amazing alternative, an excellent group of people…we are only a world leader. This mindset is how we do anything and everything.

Accuracy and detail is the everyday for us; proactive thought and expert knowledge is why our clients keep coming back.

This proactive knowledge is the “non-Googleable” information that can only be attained from years at the coalface and from proactively striving to always do better.

We are inspired by our projects across the globe and embrace the continuous improvement principles from Kaizen.

This means that at Arkus, quality is the only performance measure which we use for our people.

This unique approach ensures that Arkus’ clients only receive the best quality deliverables.

This approach - focusing on quality, quality, quality - is what we have dubbed “Absolute Quality”.

Absolute Quality is something which we embody at Arkus and is consistently reiterated to the Arkus team.

Our mantra is similar to that of Aristotle, who said “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. We transformed this mantra into our Integrity value, which is “Work like everyone is watching, to help build the best possible Arkus for everyone”.

Our people always strive to deliver the very best possible work.

At Arkus, we have a “once you touch it, you see it; once you see it, you own it” philosophy.

This ownership value of “Taking proactive care in everything we do” forces people to own every action and deliverable.

When challenges do occur, we avoid a blame culture; however we conduct an autopsy, learn lessons and put in place proactive steps to stop the challenge happening again.

The ‘why’ of what we do is fundamental to delivering Absolute Quality.

This ‘why’ in data is often derived from the forensic principle of integrity, which is “the assurance that digital information is uncorrupted and can only be accessed or modified by those authorised to do so”.

Focusing on every bit and byte is more critical than focusing on the yottabytes, as without the bits and the bytes, there is no integrity in our processes.

This data logic is the same as when receiving client instructions - focusing on the micro details to ensure that we manage all processes in a full and accurate way.

Arkus is a world leader and aspires to be the elite sports team of the data world. Practical examples of how we integrate and embed Absolute Quality into Arkus are below:

  • Focus on the 0.01% efforts.

  • Systemise everything and have the right guardrails.

  • Strong documentation and forms.

  • Regular team sessions to continue to enforce the key messages of Absolute Quality.

  • Only hiring highly skilled and experienced people.

  • Buddy programme so that everyone has their back covered.

  • Encourage and have scheduled 360 feedback to ensure that no person is scared of raising quality points.

  • Weekly 1-1 management sessions to gauge how team members are progressing against their goals.

  • Over communicating in a fully transparent way.

Arkus’ purpose is to be a “global leader solving data challenges, by providing a secure and empowering environment for great people to deliver great work”.

Without Absolute Quality we cannot be a global leader, and without a focus on Absolute Quality we cannot empower Arkus’ people to deliver great work.

Get in touch to solve your data challenges with Absolute Quality

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