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Additional eDiscovery Services

Reduce time and costs.

Create a streamlined, repeatable process.

Ensure that your responses to DSARs are comprehensive and legally compliant.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), individuals now have the right to access data held by a third party and which pertains to them. This has led to a huge increase in Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) fielded by companies and organisations. 


The shifting emphasis on data ownership from the organisation to the individual has made the process of DSARs more challenging. Arkus has the expertise and personnel to manage these processes on your behalf, ensuring full compliance whilst building a repeatable workflow for future DSARs. 


The law states that a data subject (in most cases, an individual) should have the right of access to data that has been collected about them. Once a Data Subject Access Request is made, organisations have just 30 days to comply with the request, under the GDPR.


In the modern age of big data and data-based marketing efforts, this can create huge challenges. This can be particularly true if a certain type of data collection has been in the news, thereby encouraging higher numbers of people to make a DSAR.

Our services

Data Subject Access Requests

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When you engage Arkus to work on your DSAR requirements, you can be assured of our robust approach:

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