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Arkus eDiscovery

At Arkus, we know that no two cases are the same. That’s why our industry-leading legal experts have developed eDiscovery services tailored to your specific needs. 

Our services


Modern legal matters can include huge amounts of data that must be sifted and analysed. We are committed to achieving the right outcome in all matters, regardless of the complexity. 


eDiscovery (or ‘electronic discovery’) is the process of identifying, collecting and presenting data and information that pertains to a legal matter or case. This might include emails, documents, website files, databases, audio and video files. However this is not a comprehensive list, and the full scope of eDiscovery can be far greater. 


Due to the editable nature of many digital files and documents, these processes can be complicated and require accurate time-stamping and recovery of metadata files to ensure you get the right versions of the right files. 

When you work with Arkus, you can be confident that your legal matters are in the right hands

Arkus eDiscovery

Our people

The Arkus team has combined experience totalling decades across all areas of the legal industry. We are at the forefront of some of the most sensitive and complex eDiscovery matters, delivering consistently outstanding results for clients based around the globe. 


Consulting is not just about using the right tools, but leveraging those tools in the right way. We use cutting-edge eDiscovery technology to streamline your eDiscovery matters. But more than that, we develop a comprehensive understanding of both our clients and their requirements, ensuring that we always put the people involved in a case first and foremost. 

Arkus eDiscovery

Additional eDiscovery Services

It would take approximately 181 million years to download all the data from the internet.

(source: IOP)

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On-site eDiscovery

We fully embrace the cloud, and digital solutions. But we recognise that there are occasions where geography or data privacy dictate an on-premise approach to eDiscovery.

In these instances, our team can draw on years of experience of scoping, building and supplying appliances. This experience enables our clients to quickly establish a robust and defensible eDiscovery solution in a self-contained package.

Arkus eDiscovery

Company sensitive litigations

Arkus eDiscovery

Inter-jurisdictional arbitrations

Arkus eDiscovery

Complex global investigations

Arkus eDiscovery

Forensic analysis investigations

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