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We are an ambitious, hand-picked team of digital and legal experts, with experience in the highest-profile, highest-pressure and most time-sensitive matters. 

Arkus is a global leader in the eDiscovery industry, comprising an elite group of professionals. Each member of our team has been hand-picked from around the world, and performs to the highest level in pursuit of our common goals. 

Our story

Arkus was founded in June 2018 out of a desire to do things better

Our people

For Arkus, everything comes down to people. 


We are fundamentally a people business, delivering to our clients the experience of some of the world’s best eDiscovery and data professionals.


Without truly great people at Arkus, we cannot succeed in our vision. With our people, everything is possible. We protect and support each other every step of the way. 


People are our unique talent.

Unlocking the Digital Sphere

We live in a digital age. Modern legal matters can include hundreds of thousands of pages of data and information that is relevant to a case. 


Arkus is on hand to take the strain out of eDiscovery, Data risk assurance and digitalisation. 


We use the very best technology, certified to the highest industry standards, in our eDiscovery activities. As a global player in the digital sphere, Arkus is leading the way on digital innovation across the legal industry. 

Internet users generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.

(source: IBM)

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At Arkus, our vison, values and culture are central to everything we do. We are a people-first organisation, and as such will not tolerate behaviour which contravenes our commitment to being a people-first organisation fairness and equality. This firm line extends to our people, our partners and our clients.


We take a zero-tolerance approach to any form of bullying, harassment, intimidation or discrimination of any protected characteristic or Diff-Ability.


If in doubt, remember Arkus Value number seven: Be kind. Whoever we’re dealing with, we’re kind in our approach and never assume ill-intent from another party.

Culture statement

At Arkus, our culture is vitally important. It feeds into all that we do and all that we hope to achieve. Our values inform our culture, chief among them the idea that we are a people-first organisation. We believe that this sets us out from the crowd, and, as such, we aim to attract the very best people from across the globe to work with us.


With people at the centre of everything we do, Arkus is an inclusive, flexible, collaborative organisation. We value the input and opinions of our team members at every level, and provide a platform for everyone’s talents and passions to come to the fore. Creativity is encouraged, and we believe that everyone has a unique talent.

Our culture

Arkus is a value-led company. Our values are the fundamental beliefs which our team holds, and we like to work with clients who respect these values and align with them. Discover more about what drives us here.

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