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Arkus AI Learning

Additional eDiscovery Services

In the age of big data, the amount of information being created every day is truly mind-boggling. In 2022, 333.2 billion emails were sent every day*. In total, 3.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily*. That’s a lot of documents! 


At Arkus, we have many years’ practical experience collaborating on and delivering processes that get the best out of AI and Computer-Assisted Learning techniques. These tools are able to process the huge amount of data that may be associated with a legal matter, and ascertain which parts of a data set are relevant to your matter. 


Properly utilising and implementing these processes is key: the use of AI and Computer-Assisted Learning within eDiscovery must be robust and defensible, as well as easing the burden on your legal team. 


The tools that we use at Arkus are Court-accepted, meaning that everything that they unearth is usable in your litigation or legal matter. We are at the forefront of these technologies, including AI and Continuous Active Learning, and specialise in their implementation.

*statistic from

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AI and Computer-Assisted Learning

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