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Navigating the Data Deluge: A Five-Year Odyssey with Arkus Consulting

Tim Harrison, Arkus Consulting Founder & CEO
Arkus has audacious ambitions for the next 5 years

In the fast-paced labyrinth of business, where urgency often trumps endurance, Arkus Consulting proudly stands at the crossroads of its fifth anniversary year, having chosen the unconventional path of measured tortoise-paced growth in an industry fixated on hare-like rapid expansion.

Five years ago, my hypothesis was simple, yet my goal was audacious: carve a niche for a consultancy committed to delivering world-class, highly consultative services, where quality alone was the yardstick of success, and find clients who trusted us in the process.

Today, as we pause to mark our sixth year, that hypothesis and goal not only stands but resonates as the very heartbeat of Arkus.

A Slow Burn Pays Off

Over the past half-decade, Arkus has evolved from a mere hypothesis to a flourishing consultancy.

We resisted the siren call of immediate expansion, choosing instead a meticulous approach to proving our model and refining our delivery before casting a wider net in the market.

Our strategy? A deliberate, almost slow-motion growth that allowed us to cultivate not just a client base, but a reputation for putting clients first.

Our clients don't just return; they become advocates, witnessing first-hand the value of a consultancy that views quality not as a checkbox but as an unwavering commitment.

The Evolution of Arkus

  • The growth spurt, a mere two years in the conception, saw our headcount balloon over the next two years by 400%. This expansion wasn't a mere statistic; it was a strategic move bolstered by key hires with seasoned experience.

  • James Lawson’s continued dedication to quality client service delivery at the helm of our eDiscovery practice formed the foundation of Arkus’ ability to add seasoned consultants at the right time. I share the true delight in seeing James’ continued success and promotion and, in turn, seeing him take his own spin on managing the successes of his team members.

  • The strategic hire of Clare Palmer as Executive Assistant, with her extensive experience in a global law firm, has been nothing short of transformative. Clare, a true force multiplier (if you know, you know), has altered the very fabric of how we operate.

  • Introducing Jeff Gosling as my business coach has not just been a checkbox exercise. The lessons gleaned from this partnership have been pivotal and have allowed the foundations of Arkus to be more unshakeable than without.

Navigating the Future

  • Arkus' vision for the future is audacious: to be a global leader solving data challenges by providing an empowering environment for great people to deliver great work.

  • Addressing the "people" element is not just a checkbox on our to-do list; it's our immediate priority. Before we pursue broader goals, we must first rectify what's in front of us.

  • Collaborating with an OKR coach is our strategic move to refine our framework, ensuring alignment and engagement across the team.

  • The ongoing recruitment process for an Associate Director in our eDiscovery team is more than filling a role; it's a commitment to bolstering our long-term service delivery.

  • Our vision stretches beyond the horizon. We envision Arkus as a world leader solving data challenges. As we approach the conclusion of our original three-year strategy, we're now architecting our next three-year strategy.

  • Geographical expansion is on the horizon. We're planning to extend our footprint into the Middle East, Africa, and India, followed by the Far East. This isn't just about physical presence; it's about becoming a true world leader.

  • Addressing the "data challenges" element of our vision requires intentional efforts. To truly solve these challenges for our clients, we must deliberately build our cyber and digitization teams, ensuring a global presence in every Arkus office.

  • By 2030, Arkus aspires to be more than a name; we aim to be a persistent and respected entity in the world's most impactful companies and legal matters. The journey promises not just successes and failures but continual adjustments, a dynamic evolution.

Arkus' five-year journey is a testament to the power of deliberate, people-focused growth.

As we set our sights on the future, our commitment to quality, compassion, and audacious goals will continue to guide our path.

Here's to the next five years and beyond, navigating the data deluge with resilience, innovation, empathy and a touch of humour. Will we ever become that hare? I think we very well just might…

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