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Nuix Discover training successes for team

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

People are the most critical part of our success at Arkus.

As soon as a new colleague starts, they receive the very best Nuix training straight away. This ensures that everyone in our team is an expert in the processes and services we provide for our clients.

During May, Fernando Moreno (Project Manager) and Jonathan Greenlees (eDiscovery Project Manager) reached key milestones in their Nuix Discover Master training. This is the top-level certification for Nuix Discover.

Fernando explains: “I passed the Nuix Discover Portal Administrator exam. This officiates my skill set and daily successes of managing our client’s cases. Additionally, I was also recently awarded the Nuix Discover End User Certification so this now marks the halfway point in gaining my Nuix Discover Master Certification.”

Jonathan said: “I recently undertook the Nuix Investigate End User certification course, and I am delighted to say I have passed. This has further developed my skill set in high-level decisions about data and forms part of my overall assessment towards gaining the Nuix Discover Master Certification.”

James Lawson, Head of eDiscovery said: “On behalf of the team at Arkus I would like to pass on our congratulations to both Fernando and Jonathan. We are extremely excited to see them both putting this incredible training into action. We look forward to seeing their next steps on the Master programme completed soon.”

The Arkus team are proud to be partnered with Nuix Discover who are the world's leading provider of investigative analytics and intelligence software. Like Arkus their vision is to provide eDiscovery solutions to proactively manage increasing unstructured data volumes in the best way possible.

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