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2024 eDiscovery Trends: Market approach to eDiscovery continuing to diverge

In a series of blog posts, Arkus looks ahead to 2024 and the key eDiscovery trends expected.

Market approach to eDiscovery continuing to diverge
Arkus meets a need in the legal market for a highly consultative approach

Selecting an eDiscovery provider is a critical decision. The skill of an eDiscovery consultant, and their ability to work collaboratively alongside their instructing solicitors and their clients can significantly impact the outcome of legal proceedings.

Arkus was founded to answer the hypothesis that there is a need in the legal market for a highly consultative approach by a nimble group of experts pivotal in eDiscovery matters. This is the Arkus approach but in 2023 the market has seen a divergence of approaches, outlined below. It is predicted that companies will continue to choose the best approach for them, thus increasing this divergence:

  • Expert and highly consultative to work side by side with clients. This is the best approach for complex matters of most sizes.

  • A ticket-based approach where companies need to process vast volumes of data. This is the best approach for the world’s biggest matters.

  • Do it yourself, which has been enabled by eDiscovery platforms being increasingly user-friendly. This is the best approach for small and low value, low risk work.

Even the smallest amount of data can be the key determining factor of success or failure within a legal matter. eDiscovery consultants must strive to achieve the best possible results for their clients whilst balancing accuracy, efficiency, and strict compliance with legal standards throughout the entire process. It involves true collaboration between legal professionals, third party professionals, IT experts and eDiscovery experts.

eDiscovery Director James Lawson said: “It is critical to have the right people doing the right things at the right time. It is therefore important that eDiscovery experts solve the gnarly technical challenges allowing lawyers to use their strategic expertise to answer the important legal questions. Our projects work best when Arkus’ people are seen as the go to associate within a partner’s team”.

Project manager Jonathan Greenlees said: “Within the maturing eDiscovery sector, bespoke consulting firms offering tailored services are gaining the greatest grounds.”.

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