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Mental Health Matters

Updated: May 19, 2023

Technology means the world is always on. At Arkus technology matters. However, the people behind the technology matter even more.

Supporting people’s mental health should happen year-round but campaigns such as Mental Health Awareness week which happens in May are a real opportunity to share and highlight positive tactics and insights.

The team at Arkus are always there for each other. We work in an office space together, we travel together, make time to listen to one another, socialise and empower each other. This means each one of us can be our best selves at work and ultimately at home too.

Some of the team took time out of their normal workday to describe the key factors that they value when it comes to protecting their own mental health and ensuring they support one another.

Here are some of their top tips:

“Empower people” says Tim Harrison (CEO). He continues:

“As the CEO of Arkus, I have a responsibility to ensure my team feel like they can be their true selves at work and therefore be happy.

“At the start of every day, I ask how are you? A lot can happen in 24 hours so for me it is important to know people are ok and I genuinely care about my team’s wellbeing.

“I also try to give people the space and chance to feel empowered to make their own decisions at work. Mainly because I have employed every single person in our team for a particular reason. People deserve the chance to succeed, fulfil their potential and use their unique talents and initiative.

“And when people need me, I will always be there whatever the question or issue. I know they are there for me too.”

“Take time to walk” says Parmjit Bangay. He explains:

“Life is busy - juggling work, home and leisure is difficult at times. A gym membership or an intense workout is not always the solution to getting exercise.

“Taking a walk in the fresh air over lunchtime or instead of a video call could be the exercise fix needed. Fresh air, blood pumping and time away from the screen are proven benefits to boosting mental health.

“Being based in London and other major cities I sometimes choose to walk instead of the tube, taxi etc and it feels great. Seeing the sites on foot and on my way to a client meeting not only boosts my mood and morale but gives me new things to talk and think about.”

“Keep learning and be creative” says James Lawson. He explains:

“The way I keep learning is through reading. Not only reading with my children as this is valuable time together but I make time to read on my own too.

“Scientifically there is evidence that shows reading is calming, reduces muscle tension and can reduce stress.

“A lot of my day is spent on digital devices so the mechanics of reading a paper book enables me to disconnect from the computer. As a person who has a very slow reading speed, choosing the right books for the right moment is key, this means mixing between educational and fun books. I’m also a massive fan of cookbooks, if they count.

"A book can take me into the shoes of someone else, teach me something new and inspire me for years.”

The Arkus team work hard but play hard too. As well as being supportive to each other in their day jobs they regularly catch up outside of work to play pool, eat together, socialise, and have fun. Mental heath is crucial to a happy workforce and ensuring people are enabled to be their best selves.

There is lots of useful advice for people available on Mind charity website including tips for everyday living.

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