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Hand-picked industry experts tailor technology to find the finer details

Arkus Consulting Ltd is an expert team of legal, eDiscovery and data professionals. Throughout their careers they have been at the forefront of some of the world's most sensitive and complex eDiscovery matters, including complex investigations and large inter-jurisdictional litigations and arbitrations.

The amount of electronic data and complex communication problems continue to grow. The Global DataSphere is expected to have reached 101 ZB in 2022 and more than doubled in size from 2022 to 2026. One zettabyte is equal to a trillion gigabytes. Now is the time for Arkus to make sure that even more law firms and legal professionals know about them and their best-in-class service. Arkus’ super-value is the people behind the technology - described as ‘the business friend you wished you had met sooner.’ Here is why:


Arkus was born out of a desire to do things better. They are an ambitious, hand-picked team of digital discovery experts empowered with unique talent and experience in the highest profile, high pressure, and time-sensitive global legal matters.

Every experience with Arkus is exceptional which comes from the care, respect and work ethic of the people involved. This makes Arkus an outstanding place to work and the right long-term partner for their clients.

By their clients’ side every step of the way

Their combined legal and data experience means they understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. The way they help to solve investigations is to work with people in a truly consultative way.

No matter how large, challenging or complex the case, Arkus listens, takes proactive care, and does not assume ill-intent. Our clients think of Arkus as an extension of their own team.

Results driven

From simple emails through to more complex communication pathways, each element that could be relevant or not relevant can be identified earlier in the process safely and securely, so that information is not missed, and the right outcome is reached. The process of identifying electronic documents within litigation matters is vital and more complex than ever. The outputs of Arkus include:

  • Data identification processes: identification of high volumes of potentially relevant documents, which had to be reviewed within a tight deadline. Through analytics and the information created by the Arkus team, data is identified for removal from the review, rendering the process significantly more efficient than without technology.

  • Millions of documents: clients regularly have millions of documents to review and process. In one recent example, these documents were from various locations, consisted of various document types and were not all in English. The challenge was to collate this data set and provide a searchable database to ensure an efficient and defensible review, whilst ensuring that costs were controlled.

  • Robust and defensible review management: building efficient workflows to support multiple distinct reviews of documents, whilst also designing bespoke machine language translation workflows for documents to regularly support our clients’ disclosure obligations.

Their list of solutions is extensive, and the outcome is consistent for each client. Simply put - the right outcome is reached, no matter the issues at hand.

Full of optimism

As part of their growth journey the team are expanding and have launched a fresh ‘new look’ and futuristic vision. This is now showcased on their website, within their presentations and during their interactions in person and on social media or as thought leaders.

They use captivating digital imagery and distinctive ‘candy’ colour against an authoritative deep blue across their branding. This is a visual description for how they work - they discover the finer details and make the right information stand-out.

The Arkus team are bright and forward-thinking individuals so their human stories will also be told to show how their individual qualities make them truly unique to work with.

Explore their new website, connect with the team, and discover more about what is on offer and how Arkus can help with queries relating to legal technology.

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