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Female pioneers in legal industry

Updated: May 15, 2023

On International Women's Day, Arkus celebrated female pioneers in the industry.

Without their work, and the work of countless other inspirational women, the concept of eDiscovery may not even exist. They highlighted the women who paved the way in the industry, helped build the foundations of the internet and modern technology as well as some of the female lawyers who have made history.

Did you know?

  • In the 1️840s, Ada Lovelace co-created the world’s first computer program

  • In 1952, Mary Coombs was the first female computer programmer

  • In 1956, Grace Brewster Hopper created the first computer programming languages

  • In 1️959, Dina St. Johnston founded the UK's first software house

  • In the 1940s Hedy Lamarr developed ‘frequency hopping’, which paved the way for wireless communication technology

  • In the 1️970s Adele Goldberg, created the SmallTalk programming language which is the inspiration for Apple desktop computers

  • In the 1980s Radia Perlman invented algorithms that still define the internet’s basic traffic rules

  • In 1920 Madge Easton Anderson became the first woman to work professionally as a UK lawyer

  • In the 1950s Rose Helibron QC became something of a celebrity, being hailed ‘Liverpool’s First Lady of Law’

  • In 1962, Dame Elizabeth Lane was appointed as the first female judge on a county court and three years later was the first woman to sit in the High Court

  • From 2017-2020 Lady Brenda Hale served as President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

  • In 2022 Lubna Shuja, became the first Asian, the first Muslim and only the seventh female President of The Law Society

Finally, on International Women's Day, Arkus said - thank you.

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