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2024 eDiscovery Trends: A continuation of addressing the industry’s gender imbalance

In a series of blog posts, Arkus looks ahead to 2024 and the key eDiscovery trends expected.

A continuation of addressing the industry's gender imbalance
Allyship should be an important priority within the industry

Just like in the wider technology industry, the field of eDiscovery has a significant gender imbalance. It is important to champion female employees to encourage gender equality particularly in the eDiscovery industry - female leaders and their allies in the eDiscovery industry offer new insights, and spearhead inventive strategies for addressing challenges.

Allyship and support to encourage and welcome women into the sector should be an important priority within the industry. Arkus Consulting champions an increased representation in the workforce by women in eDiscovery through initiatives such as:

  • Providing a secure and empowering environment for all of our great people to deliver great work,

  • Using gender neutral language where practical,

  • Embracing flexible working policies,

  • Readdressing its family, pets and carers policy,

  • Treating every person as an individual,

  • Attending industry events and learning to understand how Arkus’ people can best help,

  • Celebrating females who have impacted our industry on key days,

  • Speaking to university and groups to promote equality in eDiscovery.

eDiscovery Director James Lawson said: “At Arkus, we provide a secure and empowering environment for great people to deliver great work. It is critical females are championed in our industry… after all there may not have been an industry without the likes of Ada Lovelace”.

Project manager Fernando Moreno said: "The evolution of the eDiscovery sector depends on a persistent dedication to dismantling gender disparities; cultivating a legal technology realm that not only recognises but celebrates diverse voices is essential for driving meaningful change in the industry”.

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